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Further details of DIRC-related activities at Lancaster are available.

Computing Department
The Department has collaborated for the past 10 years in various studies of computer-based systems with the Sociology Department. The aim is to understand how social factors influence the specification, design and use of these systems.
Department of Sociology
The Department is interested in the study of the culture of organisations. In particular how this impacts on socio-technical systems and process dependability analysis.
Management Science Department,
The Soft Systems Methodology Group has stong links with the project.


These are the staff currently working on DIRC. The name in bold is the Principal Investigator.

Peter Bagnall ( Computing Department )
Karen Clarke ( Computing Department )
Guy Dewsbury ( Computing Department )
John Dobson ( Computing Department )
Glen Dobson ( Computing Department )
Aimée Edwards ( Computing Department )
Stephen Hall ( Computing Department )
John Harding ( Computing Department )
Simon Lock ( Computing Department )
Russell Lock ( Computing Department )
Jo Mackie ( Computing Department )
David Martin ( Computing Department )
Devina Ramduny-Ellis ( Computing Department )
Mark Rouncefield ( Computing Department )
Ian Sommerville ( Computing Department)
John Hughes ( Department of Sociology )

And these staff have now left.

John Gregson ( PhD Student )

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  The Informatics Research Institute at Newcastle University brings together academics from the full spectrum of the engineering, mathematical, physical, life and social sciences, and by doing so initiates more interdisciplinary projects.

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