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Research within DIRC is organised by intersecting Research Themes and Activities

Here are summaries of the research results of DIRC.

DIRC Research Themes

Research Themes act as a way of gathering, analysing and recording the lasting knowledge that comes out of all DIRC research. One of the motivations in selecting the themes was that it should be possible (and interesting) to look at them from both a technical (system) and human (user) viewpoint. Furthermore, some of our hopes to make progress on these difficult themes was that we might be able to deploy ideas from say, the psychological or sociological research to the technical issues (and, of course, vice versa).


DIRC Activities

Most of the early effort in DIRC focused on Activities which addressed particular objectives and normally got involved with one or more external applications. Each activity involved partners from more than one site and more than one discipline. This demonstrates the collaborative and interdisciplinary policy of the DIRC project.

Activities acted as units of work within the overall programme of DIRC; they are more of internal than global interest but a listing of them can be seen here. In particular, we operate in a way which ensures that we achieve the long term technical objectives embodied in the Research Themes and be in a position to react more flexibly to “outside engagements”.



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