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Dependable, Service-centric Grid Computing

This Activity runs from November 2002 - October 2005 . Progress Update


The overall aim of this research project is to investigate how to specify, reason about and engineer dependable grid-based systems that are constructed by composing services from a range of providers.

We will focus on several related research questions. How can information about the dependability of a service be defined and included in the service definition and in the information provided for service discovery? How can this service dependability information be used to make inferences about the overall dependability of a system that is created by integration of disparate services? How can the real-world dependability goals of grid application users and developers be elicited and translated into a set of system dependability requirements? What is an appropriate generic, dependable service-centric software engineering process and how can this process be adapted and tailored by virtual organisations for dependable application development? What application architectures are most appropriate for fault-tolerant service-based systems and what architectural support can be provided to help applications cope with service failure?

The results of the research will be packaged into two major deliverables - a service specification handbook which will focus on methods for describing and specifying quality of service and service dependability requirements and a service-centric development process guide which will describe processes and methods for creating dependable, grid-based systems by composing services from different providers.


The Manager of this activity is Ian Sommerville . The site(s) involved in this activity is/are [ Lancaster University ] [ University of Edinburgh ] . A full list of people involved in the activity is shown below.

Ian Sommerville Lancaster University
Russell Lock Lancaster University
Glen Dobson Lancaster University
Stephen Hall Lancaster University
Stuart Anderson University of Edinburgh
Conrad Hughes University of Edinburgh


We welcome collaboration with industrial partners and users. We are interested in helping people design devices that meets the wider needs of society, and in the problems that people have in using technology. Collaboration can take several forms, from meetings to discuss particular issues, to working together on funded projects. If you are interested in collaborating with us please contact the Activity Manager in the first instance.

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