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Collaboration in Dependable Software

This Activity runs from February 2002 - June 2003 . Progress Update


Computer-based systems include software and people. The design and development of such systems is a complex socio-technical activity, integrating software, people, tools and widely differing methods and techniques. Complex systems can incorporate sizeable software components, the development of which is often undertaken by large teams. Little systematic study has been done on the psychology of group processes involved in the creation of dependable systems.

This project activity will study the strengths and weaknesses of practices used by designers and developers working in groups in the manufacture of dependable software. It will include studies of human problem-solving in relation to software design, technical issues such as the communication and justification of system design, and the sociological aspects of working in teams on complex tasks.

The objective is to provide concrete recommendations on approaches to problem solving for the creation dependable software systems.


The Manager of this activity is Cristina Gacek . The site(s) involved in this activity is/are [ Newcastle University ] . A full list of people involved in the activity is shown below.

Cristina Gacek Newcastle University


We welcome collaboration with industrial partners and users. We are interested in helping people design devices that meets the wider needs of society, and in the problems that people have in using technology. Collaboration can take several forms, from meetings to discuss particular issues, to working together on funded projects. If you are interested in collaborating with us please contact the Activity Manager in the first instance.

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