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Deployment and Evolution

This Activity runs from July 2000 - June 2003 . Progress Update


For most critical systems, there has been a separation in the development and configuration of technical systems and the social processes that use them. Responsibility for the former has been that of a development agent; the latter, the organisation that is deploying the system.

However, this is rapidly changing in response to requirements for more adaptable systems and faster delivery. Increasingly, systems are developed as generic products specifically adapted with significant input from the user in the configuration process. Dependability is no longer solely the responsibility of the developer but also the user . There is potential for increasing overall system dependability, avoiding mismatches between the technical system and the social processes. New types of failure may, however, be introduced into the as a result of user errors and misunderstandings during configuration. Find out more about the objectives of this activity.


The Manager of this activity is Stuart Anderson . The site(s) involved in this activity is/are [ Newcastle University ] [ Lancaster University ] [ University of Edinburgh ] . A full list of people involved in the activity is shown below.

David Martin Lancaster University
Karen Clarke Lancaster University
Denis Besnard Newcastle University
Stuart Anderson University of Edinburgh
Donald MacKenzie University of Edinburgh


We welcome collaboration with industrial partners and users. We are interested in helping people design devices that meets the wider needs of society, and in the problems that people have in using technology. Collaboration can take several forms, from meetings to discuss particular issues, to working together on funded projects. If you are interested in collaborating with us please contact the Activity Manager in the first instance.

Details of the partners already involved in this Project Activity are available below:

Lothian Primary Care NHS Trust
Lothian Primary Health Care Trust are cooperating in the study of the PIMS system.

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
Information Services of the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh are taking part in the deployment of the Health Information System across the RIE.

Western General Hospital

Deutz AG
Deutz AG are participating in the study of the Automation Control Host.


A list of publications associated with this Activity is available.

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Case Study of Participative Design

This is case study of participative design in the Deliberate Self-Harm ward of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, led by Rob Procter.

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