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Staff listed by firstname

There are currently 70 people working on DIRC. This is a complete list sorted by their firstname.

Adam Betts University of York
Aimée Edwards Lancaster University
Alan Bundy University of Edinburgh
Alan Burns University of York
Alexander Voss University of Edinburgh
Andrew Monk University of York
Andrey Povyakalo City University
Andy Wellings University of York
Angela Miguel University of York
Bev Littlewood City University
Brian Randell Newcastle University
Budi Arief Newcastle University
Carl Gamble Newcastle University
Christine Wright City University
Claire Smith Newcastle University
Cliff Jones Newcastle University
Conrad Hughes University of Edinburgh
Cristina Gacek Newcastle University
Dave Robertson University of Edinburgh
David Greathead Newcastle University
David Martin Lancaster University
David Wright City University
Devina Ramduny-Ellis Lancaster University
Don Sannella University of Edinburgh
Donald MacKenzie University of Edinburgh
Eugenio Alberdi City University
Gillian Hardstone University of Edinburgh
Glen Dobson Lancaster University
Gordon Baxter University of York
Guy Dewsbury Lancaster University
Ian Sommerville Lancaster University
Ilir Gashi City University
Jennifer Tenzer University of Edinburgh
Jeremy Bryans Newcastle University
Jo Mackie Lancaster University
Joey Coleman Newcastle University
John Dobson Lancaster University
John Hughes Lancaster University
John Harding Lancaster University
John Lee University of Edinburgh
Jon Warwick Newcastle University
Karen Clarke Lancaster University
Lorenzo Strigini City University
Luciana D'Adderio University of Edinburgh
Mark Blythe University of York
Mark Rouncefield Lancaster University
Martin Ellis Newcastle University
Martin Newby City University
Massimo Felici University of Edinburgh
Michael Hildebrandt University of York
Michael Harrison Newcastle University
Nigel Robinson Newcastle University
Perdita Stevens University of Edinburgh
Peter Wright University of York
Peter Ryan Newcastle University
Peter Ayton City University
Peter Bagnall Lancaster University
Richard Paul University of Edinburgh
Robert Procter University of Edinburgh
Robin Bloomfield City University
Robin Williams University of Edinburgh
Roger Slack University of Edinburgh
Russell Lock Lancaster University
Simon Lock Lancaster University
Stephen Hall Lancaster University
Steve Gilroy University of York
Stuart Anderson University of Edinburgh
Thea Peacock Newcastle University
Tony Lawrie Newcastle University
Vladimir Stankovic City University
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