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A weakest-link issue

Dependability is a systems (or "weakest-link") issue since virtually any aspect of a system, and of the means by which it was specified and designed, can cause a computer-based system to malfunction. For example:

  • a hardware component might fail;
  • a previously undetected software error might be encountered;
  • a human might simply make an error;
  • a human user might misunderstand the intended behaviour of the computer system and use it "incorrectly";
  • some unforeseen malicious interference might intrude; or
  • a pathology in the design of a widely distributed system might only emerge when the system is in widespread use.

The aims of the IRC

  • to devise greatly improved techniques for designing and deploying sophisticated computer-based systems with assured dependability; and
  • to demonstrate the efficacy of our new approaches so as to ensure that they will be deployed to the benefit of society.

Research Results

  • you can see summaries of some of the results of our research here.
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