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An Overview

Who we are  
  DIRC involves researchers with an interest in dependable socio-technical systems from the Universities of Newcastle, York, Lancaster and Edinburgh and City University London. DIRC is truly a multi-disciplinary project, bringing together researchers with backgrounds in computer science, maths, psychology, sociology and business.

What we are doing  

DIRC is a long term, six year research project that started in July 2000. The aims of DIRC are to develop knowledge, methods and tools that contribute to our understanding of socio-technical system dependability and that support developers of dependable systems. DIRC has made remarkable progress across a number of ares, and the DIRC inter-disciplinary approach is being increasingly recognised as an important contribution to dependability research.

Research achievements include:

Why we do it  
  Society is increasingly reliant on complex computer-based systems ranging from control systems in aircraft, trains and cars through business critical systems such as e-banking systems to systems that are an integral part of our critical national infrastructure. These systems have to be dependable - failure can have serious consequences - loss of life, loss of essential services or significant finacial losses.
Although much progress has been made in technical approaches to dependability achievement, this is not enough - many failures arise through the interactions of organisations, people and computer systems. The DIRC philosophy is that we can only tackle these problems and make significant steps forward in dependability improvement through an inter-disciplinary approach.

Want to know more?  
  Further enquiries about the DIRC project should be sent to Prof. Cliff Jones.

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