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DIRC is an interdisciplinary, multi-site project into the dependability of socio-technical systems. We cover many aspects of dependability form the very beginnings of a system before design has even commenced, during deployment and integration, through upgrading or reconfiguration to replacement or redesign of new systems, and also from many different viewpoints of any given system. DIRC consists of a mix of Computer Scientists, Sociologists, Psychologists, and Mathematicians who have successfully worked together to produce some great pieces of inter-disciplinary work.

In order to communicate our rich collection of work among other people within DIRC, our community, and indeed the outside world, DIRC has held a number of conferences over the five years of it’s life to date. Firstly, we have held annual internal conferences that have proved extremely successful in sharing the results of pieces of work, ongoing ideas of research and longitudinal studies that have been taking place, and also in establishing new collaborations within DIRC and reinforcing our links with our industrial partners. In addition to these annual workshops, we also held our first sixth monthly conference that took place in London in November 2002 as a way of formally presenting our work-to-date within DIRC in readiness for our mid-term review.

Due to a demand from the wider research community DIRC has also hosted a number of external conferences in order to satisfy an unbridled interest in the inter-disciplinary work being carried out. Some of these include the Workshop on Dependability in Healthcare Informatics, the Workshop on Open Source Software Development, and the HEAT workshop.
Below is a list of all of our conferences and, where possible, a link to their proceedings or to the papers presented at the events.

Internal Conference Listings

DIRC 2001 April Workshop, York
This was our first annual workshop and was focused primarily on presenting an overview of all of the project activities to all of the people involved in DIRC. The presentations were arranged according to Project Activities (of which there were five at this time). Also there were parallel sessions aimed at focussing in on each of the five research themes that DIRC is concerned with.

DIRC 2002 March Workshop, Lancaster.
This was the second of the DIRC annual conferences and was also an overview of what had been done so far.

DIRC November 2002 Workshop, London
This was an opportunity for a six month review of the work that had been carried out with DIRC and was set out in the format of formal submissions and presentations that where selected and presented at the Royal Statistics Society in London.
Paper Listings

DIRC April 2003 Workshop, Edinburgh
This was the third annual workshop for DIRC and was an update on the new project activities that had started (PA6 and PA7). Also there were two panel sessions about ‘The Role of Modelling Within DIRC’ and ‘Towards the DIRC Methodology’.
Paper Listings

DIRC April 2004 Workshop, Newcastle
This was the fourth annual workshop for DIRC and was again a chance to show work that has been carried out over the last year. The call for papers for this conference was focussed around work that had previously been un shown, and new and original ideas.
Paper Listings

DIRC April 2005 Workshop, Edinburgh
This was the fifth annual conference for DIRC and this year, with the decision taken last year that there needed to be more focus on the research themes, the conference was organised by theme and every TA was asked to contribute a paper to the proceedings.
Conference Proceedings

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