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Workshop on Electronic Voting and e-Government in the UK
27 - 28 February 2006, e-Science Institute, Edinburgh
BCS-FACS Christmas Meeting - The Verified Software Repository
21 December 2004, BCS London Offices
Informatics Colloquium on Cyberinfrastructure for the Ages
31st August 2004, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
School of Social & Political Studies Public Lecture on Classification and Silence
1st September 2004, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Time Design workshop at CHI 2004
25th April 2004, Vienna, Austria.
Workshop on Interdisciplinary approaches to achieving and analysing system dependability
June 29, 2004, Florence, Italy (A one-day workshop at DSN04)
The Home and Electronic Assistive Technology
16-17th March 2004, Huntingdon Room, King's Manor, University of York.
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DIRC Workshop on Software Quality and the Legal System
13th February 2004, Gray's Inn, London
Requirements Capture for Collaboration in eScience,
14-15th January, 2004, e-Science Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland
Integrated Care Records: Problems and Solutions Workshop
11-12th December, 2003, e-Science Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland
Workshop on Ethnography, Systems and Strategy
University of Lancaster, Lancaster, United Kingdom, 22-23 April 2002
ACM Symposium on Applied Computing
Madrid, Spain, 10-14 March 2002
Workshop on Open Source Software Development
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle, United Kingdom, 25-26 February 2002
Workshop on Dependability in Healthcare Informatics
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 22-23 March 2001


DIRC has participated in these industrial exhibitions:

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SITEF 2002,

ICT Works,
United Kingdom, June 2003

 Germany, March 2003
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