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The Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Dependability aimed to address the dependability of computer-based systems. Dependability is a deliberately broad term to encompass many facets including reliability, security and availability.

The term "computer-based systems" highlights the involvement of human participants. The interdisciplinary approach includes, for example, sociologists and psychologists as well as computer scientists and statisticians.

UK - DIRC sites DIRC included researchers from five British Universities established in the area of dependable computer systems and related topics. However, many staff have a background in other disciplines, which gave DIRC its essential interdisciplinary flavour.

The project was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and ran from 1st July, 2000 - 31st March, 2007. The six year funding enabled DIRC to investigate the broad and fundamental problems of creating dependable systems. In July 2003 the ESPRC held a mid-term review of DIRC. The input to that review is available (341K pdf ).The feedback from the Scientific portion of the review was very positive; the management review was equally complimentary and is available from the Project Director, Cliff Jones.

The Final Review of DIRC took place in March 2007 - the project's input was a report that will be made available here shortly.

Two new projects (INDEED and TrAmS) will take the DIRC ideas forward (a pointer to the TrAmS web pages will appear here soon).

A number of books resulting from DIRC are now available

Seeing Reason: Image and Language in Learning to Think

Keith Stenning

Click HERE for more titles

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